Ecommerce Marketing Tips for Online Sales

For years, ecommerce has been increasing in percentage of total retail sales. While this is positive news, it does not mean that there will be less competition. Each ecommerce business is unique and can make it more difficult (and more costly!) to attract the right customers. To attract the right customers.

You have many options to make your ecommerce digital marketing campaigns more effective. Now is the perfect time to start, as the busy holiday season is just around the corner.

1. Google Shopping ads reach in-market shoppers
Google Shopping campaigns can be a boon for any ecommerce store. You can advertise your products prominently on Google Search results pages at the very moment that people are looking for products similar to those you sell. Customers can easily “add-to-cart” with your Shopping ads. This includes product images, ratings, ratings, and other important information.

Once you have uploaded your product data feed, a master spreadsheet that describes key features of your products to Google Merchant Center and connected it to your Google Ads Account, Google will automatically generate ad for your products when a user searches the relevant query.

2. Display ads are a great way to remarket to your customers!
Our Google Shopping benchmarks reports that the average Google Shopping transaction rate is just 2%. That is, 2% of clicks on Google Shopping ads are converted into purchases. Does this mean that shopping campaigns are a waste time? Nope. Yes, even if it doesn’t immediately result in a sale. However, a click is a valuable interaction between you and your prospect.

Let’s look at the 2% conversion rates. You may need to do additional work if your goal is to bring back those customers to your ecommerce store.

Remarketing will increase your ecommerce conversion rate as it brings back-the-fence customers. You can remind them of the pair of shoes that they were looking at last week. You never know, they might be ready to buy.

3. With Shopping on Instagram, you can turn likes into customers
It has been a long-held belief that search marketing is for driving traffic and social marketing for building brand awareness. While search (including Google Shopping), can be a powerful way to convert low funnel prospects, and while social media is definitely a way to reach new audiences and build brand awareness, this distinction is getting less and less accurate every year.

Once you have set up an Instagram business profile and uploaded a product list to Facebook (Instagram’s parent), you are eligible to tag products in your Stories posts as well as your organic feed. The users who see your organic content don’t need to navigate directly to your website to make a purchase. They can simply click on the product and follow the link to your website.

4. Customers’ reviews help to instill trust
You have just begun using Shopping on Instagram. It’s driving substantial traffic to your product pages. But, things aren’t going as well as they should. What ecommerce marketing strategy can you use to increase your conversion rates?

Yup customer reviews. Customers are often cautious about spending their money due to limited discretionary income. A glowing review from someone who has purchased one of your products is more convincing than any other thing. A simple, time-tested way to convert more site visitors into customers is to include ratings and reviews.

5. Pop-ups will help you improve your cross-selling skills
Pop-ups, which are windows that temporarily take control of visitors’ screens in order to show them additional offers, are another way to improve your ecommerce digital advertising strategy. Pop-ups are a way to tempt a potential customer with a discount or to add another product into his or her shopping basket.

I know, I’m aware. Pop-ups have a poor reputation, but there’s a good reason they’re so widespread. They work! You can use them to offer people legitimately relevant offers such as a BOGO discount or a limited-time sale. If you use them correctly, they can generate a lot more revenue for your business.